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Do you know the homes that you look at in a magazine and think you could never actually afford? The homes that have furniture, rugs, and accessories that look perfect with each other? The interiors that look like the homeowner paid a fortune to an interior designer?

It is within your reach, and I am here to help.

My name is Blass Hollingsworth, and I’m based in High Point, North Carolina, the home of the American furniture industry. I have access to over 1000 different manufacturers, at many different styles and price points.
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Receive professional assistance with interior design, rugs, and accessories,
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Blass Hollingsworth

About Me

My name is Blass Hollingsworth, and art and design are in my blood. My grandparents were art and music teachers, so I grew up going to look at Picasso and Degas paintings all the time. I have over 10 years of luxury sales and design experience, and I have experience with customers from all over the world.

Before living in High Point, I lived in New York City, where I worked as a sales and design consultant at a luxury furniture showroom in Soho. Before living in Brooklyn, I lived in New Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Taiwan, which gives me design inspirations from all over the country and the world.

What can I offer you

Personalized service to help you figure out what will work for your home,
office, or any other space you are designing
Interior design services

1. Introductory phone call,

We'll start with a free 10-15 minute phone call to discuss your needs, including style, budget, timetable, and any other concerns you might have.

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2. Presentation

I'll put together a presentation for you with the options I've found. This will included furniture pieces, rugs, accessories, and lighting if you desire. If you have a floor plan you'd like to use, I can use that to tailor your specific options based on your space.

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3. Choose options

Once I've presented your options and we've selected what works best for you, I'll send you a personalized quote for the pieces you selected.

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4. Place Order

Now we place the order! You'll call me, I'll place the order for you, and once the order is placed, I will send you the presentation and any floor plans we created.

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5. Delivery

A white glove delivery team will come to your home and deliver all the pieces exactly where you need them to go. They will assemble any pieces that require assembly.

What People Say

Blass has helped numerous people all over the country and the world furnish their homes. He will not only help you find pieces that work for you, he will work with you to figure out your style, and well as the layout of the room. Through technology and experience, he has helped hundreds of people make their home the perfect fit for them.

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